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Pool or Hot Tub Financing 

Financing Your Water Fun

Are you ready to finally get that new pool or hot tub? Your dream of having your own is within reach. If your only worry is price, reasonable financing could be your answer. If you need to include more savings in your mix, we can also help you with savings and budgeting advice. Here are a few tips about how to approach your project.

Pool Costs: What Can You Afford?
Any pool can get expensive, depending on your options. To arrive at a cost, get estimates for the type of pool you want. The price depends on the size and style of the pool, materials, construction, and options like stairs, slides, diving board, etc. An in-ground model generally costs more than an above-ground pool, and an indoor pool will include more in construction costs. The cost for any model will depend on the many options for depth, length, size, decking, and add-ons. Most installations also include a fence to prevent accidents (normally required for insurance purposes). Also consider ongoing maintenance expenses. Once you have an idea about what you want, you can explore financing. 

Pool Financing
Once your pool choice is made—with decking and fencing options included—your cost will in part determine how you finance. You may have some of the necessary funds in hand, or be able to save enough in a relatively short time. If you qualify, a Home Improvement Loan offers competitive rates, and a number of options for terms. Meet with a First Source Loan Representative to discuss your specifics. Factors to take into account: how soon you want your pool finished, and your current debt and financial standing.

Hot Tub Costs: What Can You Afford?​
Like a pool, choosing a hot tub or spa can be reasonably inexpensive, or quite a bit more money, depending on your choices. You’ll want to consider the size and style, indoor vs. outdoor, and options for size, depth, and features. If you need to build or expand a deck for your hot tub, take those construction costs into account. You’ll also have a choice of filtration and purification systems, chemicals, and options like temperature controls, cooling, lighting, thermal covers, steps, music, and more. Remember to include ongoing maintenance costs. A licensed contractor can help you make sure you include all relevant costs. 

Financing Your Hot Tub
With your hot tub expenses in hand, it’s time to meet with a First Source Loan Representative to see how your costs and financial standing will impact your financing choices. Some of the same choices will need to be made as in pool financing: smaller projects may allow you to save for all or part of the costs. A larger installation may mean exploring a Home Improvement Loan, which offers competitive rates, and a number of terms and options. We’ll discuss your financial standing, timing, requirements, and financing options.

Professional Advice
No matter which type of installation you want, we can provide you with savings, budgeting, and financing advice. We can also help you evaluate your current debt obligations and financial standing, to see if you can afford the financing for which you’re applying. If you qualify for a Home Improvement Loan, we can discuss options to fit you, your project, and your budget. 

Getting Started
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