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Purchasing Power with Visa® Platinum

Enjoy the purchasing power of Visa® and the security of EMV chip technology right in your wallet whenever you need it. Our EMV enabled Platinum Visa card offers you a convenient payment source with great options like a fixed rate card, or variable rates with reward options. Enjoy travel, home, health and recreational gifts, plus earn cash back or gift cards!

Download our mobile credit card app from your app store to easily manage your card on the go. Separate from our mobile banking app is our FSFCU Visa App. Here you can view and manage your First Source Visa Platinum and Platinum Rewards Cards: View current balance, available balance, transactions and statements. Make a payment, view payment history, report or block a lost or stolen card, and dispute charges from your mobile device.

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Credit Card Benefits

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  • Credit Limit: $500 Min/$50,000 Max, based on credit score
  • EMV Chip-Equipped Credit Card
  • Online/Mobile Banking


  • No Application Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • No Inactivity Fee
  • No Over-Limit Fee
  • 1% Foreign Transaction Fee


  • Minimum Monthly Payment: 2.5% of outstanding balance ($15 Min)
  • Late Payment Fee: 2.5% of balance due ($15 Min/$25 Max)

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Compare Credit Cards

Fixed Platinum Card

Tiered based on credit score
A 8.9%
B 11.9%
C 13.9%
D 15.9%
E 17.9%
Rewards Points Expiration

Variable Platinum Card

Tiered based on credit score and Prime + index, evaluated annually
A 8.74% (Prime + 4.49%)
B 10.74% (Prime + 6.49%)
C 12.74% (Prime + 8.49%)
D 15.74% (Prime + 11.49%)
E 17.99% (Prime + 14.49%/Ceiling of 17.99%)
CU Rewards merchandise, gift cards, and points to cash
Rewards Points Expiration
5 years

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Rates and terms are determined by overall credit history. Applications are subject to credit approval. Full terms and disclosure.