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Kids 5–9

Saving is Fun!

Help kids enjoy saving and learning ​

A great way for kids to start saving is with a Saveroo account. They’ll be part of the Kirby Kangaroo Kids Club, saving and learning as they grow. Mom, dad, or a legal guardian can get started by opening the child’s account.

As you help your child save, we offer advice to meet your goals for their future. We offer incentives and activities so they can enjoy the rewards of saving with tangible prizes, develop good habits, and learn the basic values that money represents.

Mother teaches her two daughters about money and saving using coins.

Kirby Kangaroo Kids Club

Our Kirby Kangaroo Kids Club is a great way for parents to encourage their kids to save, and give kids through age 12 access to fun, age-appropriate saving and financial lessons, games, and prizes. Once you’ve opened an account for them, they are automatically part of the club. 

Savings Means Rewards

For every $5 they deposit, they earn 1 Kirby Buck (direct deposits are not included). Kirby Bucks can be saved and redeemed for prizes like a plush Kirby Kangaroo or passes to the Utica Zoo. Limit 5 Kirby Bucks given out per person/per account/per day. Limit of 1 prize redeemed per person/per account/per day. Current savings prize details are listed below.

Saveroo Savings Account

  • $5 minimum balance

  • Earn dividends

  • Free piggy bank or Velcro wallet at account opening

Investeroo Share Certificate

  • Low $500 minimum balance

  • Terms from 6-24 months

  • Fixed rates

Current Savings Prizes
Water Bottle (3) Kirby Bucks
1 Utica Zoo Day Pass (4) Kirby Bucks
$5 Treehouse Reading & Art Center Gift Certificate (4) Kirby Bucks
$5 Sweet Frog Gift Card (5) Kirby Bucks
$5 Nicky Doodles Gift Card (5) Kirby Bucks
$5 Vinny's Pizza (Herkimer) Gift Card (5) Kirby Bucks
$5 Bonomo’s Gift Card Plus 1 Free Small Cone Coupon (7) Kirby Bucks
$5 Marquee Cinemas Gift Card (7) Kirby Bucks
Plush Kirby Kangaroo (8) Kirby Bucks
2 Games/Shoes King Pin Lanes (10) Kirby Bucks

We have two great options to help kids with interactive savings games: 

Starting at age 8, kids can explore Banzai Junior, with fun ways to learn about saving, borrowing, and spending. All you need is a valid email address to get them started.

They can also enjoy fun stories and interactive games on the Kirby Kangaroo website.

We’re here to support your efforts to help your kids Save Smarter and Live Smarter. Get started with a youth savings account below or call 315-735-8571 to discuss any questions you may have.

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For kids, saving can be simple and fun. A great way to start is with clear jars, so they can watch their money grow, and learn good financial habits.

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Term Dividend Rate APY*
6 Months
$500.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
0.35% 0.35%
12 Months
$500.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
0.70% 0.70%
24 Months
$500.00 minimum balance to earn dividends
0.75% 0.75%

Share rates and yields are subject to change without notice. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Fees may reduce earnings.
*APY – Annual percentage yield